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Safer, Smarter and Streamlined Construction Sites: Innovation and Automation from Conxai Advances Modern Real Estate Development

Technology adoption in the construction industry has taken off over the last few years, in an industry that has generally not been perceived as an innovation leader when it comes to software, networking, data-driven applications, and the use of IoT devices and real-time video surveillance that can dramatically improve job site safety and overall productivity.

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Smart Times Square Experience (STSX) Comes to Life As Qualcomm Orchestrates Smart City Accelerator Program Members

Today, Qualcomm Technologies revealed plans to make New York’s Times Square the epicenter of a brand-new smart entertainment, hospitality, and retail experience, working with developer L&L Holding Company. Qualcomm Technologies will orchestrate the project, bringing together its ecosystem of Qualcomm® Smart City Accelerator Program members, including support from Zyter and Veea.

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Qualcomm Smart Cities Accelerate 2021 Event Highlights

In concert with ecosystem partners, Veea revealed and demonstrated for the first time in a public forum our revolutionary TROLLEE omnichannel Smart Retail platform with an Edge Intelligence (EI)-assisted smart shopping cart solution supported by a breakthrough edge advertising platform for micro-targeting that integrates a highly accurate indoor positioning system, bringing interactive social and immersive shopping experiences to the point of purchase in the physical world.

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Connect With Us at Edge Computing World 2021 This Week!

Veea is proud to be a Diamond Sponsor of one of the largest, global, and most exciting edge events in the world this week. While the gathering is 100% virtual, the organizers of the event have done a tremendous job in taking the real time communications technology to the next level, by offering real time networking opportunities for quality interactions with prospective ecosystem partners, system integrators, enterprises, and influencers.

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Veea and iFree Introduce TROLLEE at Qualcomm Smart City Accelerate Event

In recent years, we've seen a drastic increase in smart technology aimed at making our lives easier. These innovations focus on improving our physical health, public safety, environmental conditions, and more. From smartphones and appliances to smart grids, businesses across the globe are capitalizing on the notion that smart technology is essential for the future.

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Smart Cities: How IoT Is Bridging The Physical And Digital World At Scale

IoT is changing the infrastructure of the very cities we live and work in.

Known as “smart cities”, everything that forms the network of the city can be controlled via IoT’s network of sensors, lights, and meters to collect and analyze data. Then, cities use this data to improve infrastructure, public utilities, and many more applications. Such applications include:

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IoT In The Retail Space

The “Internet of Things” is all about the ways we can connect as many of our devices and experiences as possible. It’s becoming popular in the home with smart devices allowing people to control everything from their security cameras to their lighting with their smartphone or tablet. Home automation technology continues to become more sophisticated, and the retail sector doesn’t plan on being left out.

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