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As Regulators Move to Impose More Standards in the ESG Space Globally, We Are Proud to Introduce ESG as a Service

The US Securities and Exchange Commission is expected to finalize its first ruling on mandatory climate risk disclosures for public companies this year. The proposed rules, introduced last March, call for increased transparency for investors, expanding the requirements for corporate disclosure of financial risk to include climate-related risks and their impact on companies' business models and financial outlooks.

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Safer, Smarter and Streamlined Construction Sites: Innovation and Automation from Conxai Advances Modern Real Estate Development

Technology adoption in the construction industry has taken off over the last few years, in an industry that has generally not been perceived as an innovation leader when it comes to software, networking, data-driven applications, and the use of IoT devices and real-time video surveillance that can dramatically improve job site safety and overall productivity.

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Smart Times Square Experience (STSX) Comes to Life As Qualcomm Orchestrates Smart City Accelerator Program Members

Today, Qualcomm Technologies revealed plans to make New York’s Times Square the epicenter of a brand-new smart entertainment, hospitality, and retail experience, working with developer L&L Holding Company. Qualcomm Technologies will orchestrate the project, bringing together its ecosystem of Qualcomm® Smart City Accelerator Program members, including support from Zyter and Veea.

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