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Accelerate Your Solution with Veea's Smart, Connected, and Transformative Edge Platform

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is here. Driven by advances in connectivity, data, and new technologies including AI, Machine Learning, IoT, Industrial IoT, Virtual and Augmented Reality, edge solutions are transforming business, economics, and society.

Cloud-centric architectures now face challenges due to the sheer quantity of data being generated, processed, and stored, as well as the growth in demand for these services.

Edge Computing is the key to addressing these challenges, reducing latency and bandwidth requirements while enhancing security, privacy, scalability, and reliability.

Veea's Edge Platform is the ideal solution for building and delivering Industry 4.0 applications. With its comprehensive suite of features and capabilities, it is designed to meet the needs of modern businesses and help them succeed.

Welcome to the Edge

The Veea Edge Platform offers a unified solution that integrates connectivity, communications, and computing at the edge. One of the main motivations for making these verticals ‘Smart’ is the opportunity to combine all the data that can be captured and processed to enable businesses and organizations to continuously improve their operational processes.

By combining the disparate strands of data captured, but still siloed from each other, users are able to get the bigger, digital picture they need. This integration reduces the cost and complexity of implementation, maintenance, and upgrading. It also enables data to be gathered from various sources, processed to varying degrees and displayed through a single dashboard view.

As a result, operational expenditure (OpEx) and capital expenditure (CapEx) costs are greatly reduced. This leads to a dramatic drop in the total cost of ownership (TCO) and an increase in return on investment (ROI).

The computing capabilities of the Veea Edge Platform mirror those found in the cloud. This makes it possible to move many applications running on individual hardware solutions from multiple vendors, which sometimes requires complicated integration, to a simple download process on one hardware platform.

Veea's innovative Edge Computing solution unifies several essential technologies into one comprehensive platform. This platform simplifies installation, integration, and operations while providing a centralized view and easier management of your network.

The Veea Edge Platform operates on Veea's array of indoor and outdoor VeeaHubs, changing the economics and efficiency of edge computing. It offers a low-latency, self-healing, and self-organizing wireless and wired mesh network. The Veea Edge Platform permits locally distributed collection and processing of actionable data closer to the source of data providing for faster and more effective decisions and actions than Cloud-based processing.

Our Edge Platform offers multiple options to bring an Edge Compute deployment to life. It is designed to be usable by IT teams as well as store managers to install, maintain, and manage the network, add connectivity, and deploy and run applications.

VeeaCloud provides the services needed to install, configure, and manage each stage of the Veea Edge Platform deployment. It also offers views and analytics of applications, as well as performance monitoring of the vMesh network.

This combination of central and local orchestration and management of applications ensures that applications will continue running even when public network connections become unreliable or broken.

VeeaCloud hosts the back-end services that enable the required base software to be installed on each VeeaHub after the initial authentication handshake has been activated via the VeeaHub Manager on a mobile device.

Users are provided with three complementary front-end graphical dashboards, each offering different levels of information and capabilities based on the task and knowledge of the user. These views offer businesses complete visibility into every aspect of their solution, ranging from single small/medium-sized businesses to large global enterprises.

Learn more about how Veea’s technologies can accelerate your connected solutions at the edge, with industry-specific applications that drive better business outcomes, in our new Veea Edge Platform Guide, which you can download here.

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