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Gartner Names Veea a “Cool Vendor in Edge Computing” – and We Agree!

Today we are proud to announce that Veea has been named as a 2021 Cool Vendor in the Gartner Cool Vendors in Edge Computing report, published May 20, 2021.

Veea is proud to have been identified as a Cool Vendor in Edge Computing by Gartner, and we consider our inclusion in the report as recognition of the value of our integrated “CONNECT + COMPUTE” approach to edge computing, which places computing resources as close as possible to connected things and the people that rely on them. Today we announced this in our press release, and we are sharing why our customers, partners, and the team think we’re cool here on our blog.

Simplification At The Edge Is Cool

To start, Veea is focused on simplifying the addition of computation capabilities at the network edge. According to the report, “vendor offerings that simplify deployment are gaining attention. Reducing complexity not only saves effort but also saves significant development expense, reduces time to market and jump-starts edge adoption in specific vertical industries.”

With the Veea Edge Platform’s integrated, comprehensive and scalable approach to edge computing and connectivity, multi-vendor integration challenges and system complexity are dramatically reduced, resulting in faster deployment, increased flexibility, and reduced costs.

With a Veea Edge Platform in place, organizations can simultaneously support multi-WAN connectivity to the internet and public/private clouds using ethernet and 4G LTE, while simultaneously connecting to IoT, IIoT, and user devices. In short order, real-time automation and orchestration of edge operations and workloads are possible. And the platform’s 4G LTE global service coverage makes rapid deployment even easier.

Our VeeaHubs Are Cool

VeeaHubs are at the physical foundation of the Veea Edge Platform. Each one integrates a full range of wired/wireless WAN/LAN/PAN connectivity options, quad-core application processing power, and a full security stack But when combined, they wirelessly interconnect to provide a dynamic connectivity and application mesh which is easily deployed and centrally managed from the cloud. The built-in wireless radios and protocols let you connect to devices in the same room using Bluetooth, in the same building using Wi-Fi or Zigbee –or miles away using LoRaWAN!

VeeaHubs are also Microsoft Certified for Microsoft Azure IoT, making them capable of running the wide range of applications available on Microsoft’s Azure IoT Marketplace.

Our vMesh Is Cool

vMesh is a high-performance, self-healing, self-organizing integrated mesh technology. In combination with the powerful vBus abstraction layer, it is possible for a software application running on any mesh-connected VeeaHub to connect to, communicate with, and control IoT/IIoT devices connected to any other VeeaHub on the mesh. Extending an application’s reach or adding more devices to the system is as simple as plugging in another VeeaHub.

vMesh works for hybrid wired and wireless LANs and offers an extensive range of Wi-Fi coverage with extended multi-hop capability and low latency.

Compared to wired mesh solutions, a wireless vMesh implementation significantly reduces the costs associated with running structured cabling. In fact, these cabling costs are often far greater than the cost of the Veea Platform equipment.

Our Cool Is Confluent

Our integrated, distributed edge mesh architecture, combined with centralized, edge-focused, cloud-based management tools provides the foundation for a broad spectrum of edge computing solutions, improving application performance, reducing network bandwidth, providing greater security, and offering autonomous operations.

While it is cool to be “Cool”, we think it is even cooler to be helping organizations to gain the benefits of edge computing and making edge computing-driven digital transformation a reality.

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