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Safer, Smarter and Streamlined Construction Sites: Innovation and Automation from Conxai Advances Modern Real Estate Development

Technology adoption in the construction industry has taken off over the last few years, in an industry that has generally not been perceived as an innovation leader when it comes to software, networking, data-driven applications, and the use of IoT devices and real-time video surveillance that can dramatically improve job site safety and overall productivity.

Developers are under more pressure than ever to deliver projects that are on time and on budget in the context of challenges, including labor shortages, supply chain issues, new and changing regulations, and the ongoing need to ensure workplace safety.

Accelerated construction schedules are forcing developers to support quality decisions in the field, supported by architects, engineers, and specialists who cannot be at multiple job sites, and benefit from remote solutions enriched with data collected through any number of connected devices, including cameras placed around the site capable of streaming real-time video, and sensor-based devices that measure everything from temperature and humidity to movement and stress factors.

So much data can be and is being collected that data management is at the top of many developers' critical lists, given that with the right data, quality decisions can be made quickly and collaboratively and can make the difference between a project that is very successful – or an expensive failure.

This week, Veea announced a joint effort with CONXAI, an AI company that makes data collected at construction sites meaningful and actionable, with a software platform that processes visual and other information and generates notifications, alerts, and recommendations that can be shared with managers onsite as well as offsite, and can be harnessed to make better decisions possible in real-time, while providing valuable trend data as these often multi-year, multi-million and multi-billion projects move forward.

With a common mission to transform the global construction industry using AI-driven network edge solutions designed to make worksites safer, more efficient, and manageable, we are thrilled to collaborate with CONXAI Technologies GmbH, a technology start-up that puts AI capabilities into the hands of users without writing a single line of code.

CONXAI's industry-first modular no-code AI platform applies AI-based techniques to job site imaging and sensor data collected by the Veea Edge Platform, extracting information and synthesizing knowledge to reveal opportunities for operational and safety improvements.

CONXAI is addressing a huge opportunity to dramatically reduce waste and related costs in an industry plagued with poor project data and miscommunication, which according to an Autodesk and FMI study, is responsible for 48% of all rework in the United States.

Globally, in 2020, the cost of rework was estimated to represent 5% of all construction spending, or $625 billion, according to a study by Navigant.

CONXAI is making it easy even for non-tech users to configure and scale AI-powered analytics solutions for a variety of construction use cases in HSE, logistics, and quality.

Their No-Code AI Platform is the first for the AEC industry and applies AI-based fusion of transactional, sensor, and historical project data and different forms of knowledge, and analyses and interprets those to generate descriptive and prescriptive insights.

CONXAI's "Explainable AI" replaces the "use-case based point solutions" approach of 1st and 2nd generation AI with a new system that is more robust to data drift and variations, with a common software platform that can tackle multiple use cases within the construction domain at once, without the need to build a new point solution for each one.

CONXAI selected the Veea Edge Platform to support job sites given our equally flexible platform, which is being used to set up an edge network with our Smart Computing Hubs, making it easy to establish local communication and computation capability at the worksite while increasing system responsiveness and reducing bandwidth to, and reliance on the cloud.

The resulting monitoring, management, and maintenance solution is designed to improve safety, reduce risks, improve expensive machinery management efficiency, and provide remote access to information in real-time. The platform also enables users to create and simulate cognitive digital twins of their job sites and spot deviations from plan, design, and best practices early on.

"AI is the construction industry's greatest opportunity for improvement of safety, quality, and productivity," said Sharique Husain, CEO, and Co-Founder, CONXAI. "By empowering the construction industry with No-Code AI, we are accelerating the widespread adoption of data-driven operations in the construction industry and closing the productivity gap. For solutions to work consistently in real-time while supporting mission-critical programs, we sought an innovative collaboration partner who could remove many of the adoption barriers that traditional edge computing solutions would face in the dynamic construction site environment."

Our platform, including connectivity, computation, security, and management services, makes CONXAI's AI solutions even more powerful when combined with a world-class edge and communications infrastructure.

We welcome you to contact us to learn more, and to read our press release here.

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